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My master closet underwent a major makeover when those “nesting hormones” kicked in just before Liza was born! Then, Debby Jett Allbright of Fashionomics came over a couple weeks ago to help me tweak my closet system and switch it out from winter to spring (More about that tomorrow!). Debby is a longtime friend, professional model, and an expert at all things style and closet-related (Follow her on Instagram at @debbyfashionomics for daily inspiration!).  Not only can she organize your closet, she will also work with you to edit and update your wardrobe according to each season or stage of life. You’ll get to see Debby’s handiwork in tomorrow’s MASTER CLOSET REVEAL, and we will share more of her closet organization tips then, but for now, I’m sharing about the products and tools that helped whip my master closet and vanity area into shape:

For the Closet

I am someone who wants my master closet to be a happy place. It’s one of the first things I see in the morning, so it’s important to me that it brings joy rather than stress. So, I try to keep it full of items that make me feel happy and confident, and free from clothes that clutter the space or depress me because they don’t fit. I also like to see what I own, so I can quickly put an outfit together or notice any gaps in my wardrobe (I definitely don’t need more white blouses!).

To have your closet “pop” visually, a good first step is to invest in matching hangers. This is an instant fix toward a closet that looks organized. Mis-matched hangers collected from dry cleaners and various stores make hanging up clothes easy, but I promise it will make a huge difference visually by simply swapping to consistency! I switched to all slim velvet hangers in neutral tones a couple years ago, and you really can fit more on a rod. I’ve used the same style (in a mini version) for Liza’s nursery, too! They are lightweight, chic, and just the right shape to keep clothes in place without creating those pesky dents! Win a set as our GIVEAWAY item today (More details at the end of post.)!

My closet also includes an island with a stack of drawers, which I keep in order with my favorite drawer dividers (Also handy for the drawers in my boys’ closet!). They are perfect for organizing bras, socks and accessories that can quickly get deformed or lost in a deep space. And speaking of accessories, I organize all of my clutches and small purses in an acrylic purse organizer on a closet shelf, which keeps them on display but also neatly “filed!”

1: Velvet Hangers // 2: Drawer Dividers // 3: Acrylic Purse Organizer

For the Vanity

The other area I see first thing in the morning is my bathroom vanity, so that’s another spot I like to keep clutter-free, pretty, and organized. I recently refreshed my personal beauty counter by purging old cosmetics and re-stocking my favorites, like Dior Addict Lip Glow. A lady’s vanity holds lots of little products and tools, so a good (and simple) organization system is a must for this countertop space!  Trinket trays, cups, and dividers are helpful in organizing the many items that end up on display or in a drawer to neatly hold your cosmetics, perfumes, makeup brushes, and all the rest.

Marble Tumbler // Marble Brush Holder // Marble Vanity Tray // Bobbi Brown Makeup // Acrylic Tissue Holder

Our bathroom was designed with white marble tile floors and gray marble countertops, so I selected a vanity set that blends in and coordinates rather than stands out. Lolli, on the other hand, makes a visual statement with the silver trays, porcelain dishes, and julep cups she uses to organize her beauty collection and vanity area. For me, though, marble containers and pieces provide the perfect minimalistic backdrop to my everyday essentials, and I like to use acrylic trays and dividers to organize extra makeup and supplies in the drawer at my vanity station. A simple and sleek countertop mirror for makeup application is another one of my vanity must-haves. To each her own!

1: Marble Vanity Set // 2: Acrylic Trays // 3: Acrylic Tissue Holder

Not far from my vanity area is the drawer where I keep fashion jewelry and other fun accessories. I use the bottom half of some jewelry gift boxes as dividers for my favorite statement earrings (no lids, since I like to see them!), and I use the same clear bins from our pantry and kitchen to keep bangles and other baubles in place.

Marble Tray //  Jewelry Boxes // Marble Tumbler // Marble Toothbrush Holder

VOILA, Y’ALL!™ Those are a few of my recommended products to jumpstart your own closet and vanity SPRING CLEANING projects! As a recap, here are some ideas for a refresh, from hangers, to jewelry dividers and beyond:

Giveaway Details!

For our GIVEAWAY of the day, we’re giving away a 50-pack of velvet hangers! Lolli and I both use these hangers in our homes, because they keep items in place and allow you to squeeze a lot in your wardrobe. Our lucky winner gets to choose the color of your preference (I use the nude variety). We hope this prize helps you achieve your own #closetgoals!

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