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We all have storage spaces that seem to need endless reorganization, whether they be in the attic or basement or a closet shelf, and they can easily get out of hand when we’re looking for somewhere to stow away seasonal items, family keepsakes and unused “stuff.” Out of sight; out of mind, right? Only until you need something you put there and can’t remember what happened to it, then you discover it’s lost in a pile of unlabeled boxes and clutter, maybe even damaged from the chaos. Today, we’re addressing those storage spaces, as well as providing ideas for your craft room, as we continue SPRING CLEANING WEEK!

For Storage Spaces

We have storage spaces in our attic where we keep luggage, seasonal décor items, small pieces of extra furniture and leftover rolls of wallpaper from our last remodel. But just because an attic (or basement) is a space no one will really see, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t get a little spring cleaning love, too! (As I mentioned, those “nesting hormones” during pregnancy really sent me into organization overdrive- no nook was safe!) So, here are some ideas for often ignored corners of the house:

For attic storage, I stock up on these 44-quart clear containers to store things like family keepsakes, Christmas decorations, clothes the boys have outgrown, or shoes and heavy coats that they don’t quite fit into yet. They stack neatly, are lock-tight to keep out dust and moisture, and are a good size to fit everything I need to without getting so heavy I can’t lift them.  It’s also nice that they are clear so I can see what’s inside without having to label everything. I also buy these 6-quart clear boxes by the dozen, since they’re a good size for smaller collections of items and handy for other areas of the home as well. For example, I store any seasonal accessories like mittens, scarves, and swimwear my boys don’t need regularly in 6-quart clear boxes on a high shelf of their closet and “file” their arts and crafts by stacking these underbed storage boxes on the attic floor as they fill up (See yesterday’s post for more on that!).

44-quart Boxes // 6-quart Boxes // Underbed Storage Box

We have a few shelves in one attic closet, which I recently stocked with woven storage bins to store gifts I keep on hand, small seasonal objects (like all those leftover Valentine’s Day cards, Easter egg fillers, and Halloween stickers), and books I’ve bought in multiples to share with friends (Lately, that’s been this daily devotional book.). I label each bin with chalkboard tags and a marker (which are the GIVEAWAY prize from yesterday’s post!) to ensure I know just where to go to grab a gift for the wrapping station (more on that below) or to find a home for those little holiday items we won’t need till next year.

Small Woven Storage Bins* // Set of 5 Water Hyacinth Bins // Chalkboard Tags // Black Bin Clips

For the Craft Room

Not only do I try to keep my kids creating, but MAMA ALWAYS SAID™ everybody needs a creative outlet! One of my “love languages” is gifting, so in our total-home overhaul, I organized this counter space in the kids’ craft room to be my own gift wrapping and crafts station. I bought a metal wrapping paper rack, which holds up to six rolls of gift wrap and has built-in blades you simply slide across to cut off the amount you need (no more worrying about getting that straight line with scissors!). And, I also found some craft organizers (today’s GIVEAWAY prize!) to keep all of my ribbons easily accessible and on display. VOILA, Y’ALL!™

Wrapping Paper Rack // Counter Stool // Notepad* // Pen Cup* // Tape Dispenser* // Ribbon Organizer*

Near my gift-wrapping station sits the boys craft table with chairs as well as a multi-section storage cabinet for all of the boys’ arts and crafts supplies. This cabinet was made for school classrooms but it is perfect for our needs at home, too! It comes with 15 bins to fill the cubbies, and I used my usual craft paper gift-tag stickers (same as in the playroom and pantry!) to label the bins so there’s a place for everything from crayons and scissors to origami paper and pipe cleaners. I made everything “arts and crafts” accessible to the children except for paint, which they have to have permission to use at their ages. The cabinet has two stacks of six shelves up top, so I designated one side for each of my boys. They tuck their notebooks and construction paper in there, and we keep their coloring books (and more!) in the vertical middle slots, all for their autonomous enjoyment whenever they have downtime to create or need to grab an activity to-go.

Multi-Section Storage Cabinet with Bins

We set up art desks for the boys as a Christmas gift last year, and those sit against another wall of the craft room. They are sweet and versatile and enjoyed often! The tops adjust so they can be more vertical like an easel or flat like a desk, and you can use the chalkboard surface as is or install rolls of paper. They come with four cupholders each, and there’s even a shelf for storage under the seats. We went through all of the markers, pens and crayons in the craft room during our spring cleaning exercise and got rid of anything dried out or unusable.

Art Desks // Paper Rolls // Crayons Set // Crayola Markers // Paint Brush Markers

Even if you don’t have a designated “craft room” in your home, we hope you are inspired to create some sort of space for creativity, not just for your littles but also for you! And, we can all probably use an annual spring clean in our attics and other storage areas. Here are some products that you may find helpful with your own craft room and storage space projects, including everything mentioned above:

Asterisk ( * ) denotes product linked is similar but not exact.

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Today we’re giving away two tabletop craft organizers  as pictured in my craft room station above! That’s one for you, and one for your friend, mom, sister, or daughter! Or maybe, you’ll need both yourself like I do! I use these organizers for all of my ribbons and other gift wrapping and craft supplies.

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