DIY Spring Floral Arrangements

Spring has officially sprung and that means gorgeous blooms! MAMA ALWAYS SAID™ there’s no better way to bring spring indoors than to create your very own floral arrangements. Check out our February Florals and Seasonal Centerpieces posts for inspiration and instead of heading to the florist, try these styling tips with flowers from the grocery store or garden, and arrange them in a unique vase (some new finds are featured below!) and VOILA, Y’ALL™, you’ve got an easy spring DIY that soothes the mind and freshens the home!

Tips + Tricks

There are many tips and tricks to make your floral arrangements look like you spent hundreds of dollars at a floral shop but no need! You can create gorgeous bouquets right in your own home. These are our favorite ways to be an at-home florist!

Tip #1 – Prep your flowers! Cut the stems on an angle and run under water to give them immediate hydration. Cut off any leaves that will land below the water line to avoid bacteria–now you’re good to go!

Photo by Tiffany Rebecca on Unsplash

Tip #2 – Use floral foam! Don’t be afraid of floral foam, if you’re using an opaque vessel (This doesn’t look good in clear containers!). It’s super easy to use and can be purchased at any craft store. Just use a knife to cut it down to your preferred size and soak in water. Push your stems in to create the exact shape arrangement you want! We like using this for arrangements that are going to be complex with varying heights.

Photo via Amazon

Tip #3 – Tape it up! Clear tape can be used in a criss cross pattern across the top of a vase to create boxes that will keep florals upright while in the vase. If you use floral foam, this step isn’t as necessary, but it does help keep every stem in place!

Photo via Better Homes and Gardens

Tip #4 – Be sure to pick up some greenery like eucalyptus to add around the blooms to create a fuller, more professional looking bouquet. We always enjoy adding some “greens” from our garden for height and visual interest.

Photo by Jazmin Quaynor on Unsplash

Unique Vases

These vases are always in season, even as flowers bloom at different times! Sometimes the flowers are the statement, and sometimes the container is. The different colors and patterns are so unique, they’ll bring you joy every time you pass by them!

These fun and whimsical vases are perfect for spring, especially when hosting baby showers or other celebrations! Layer the different sizes for added dimension and use them as a brunch centerpiece, or sprinkle around the house in powder rooms, patios, and brighten any space!

Blue and white is always right! Chinoiserie is so classic. It can easily be styled in a traditional space, or it can be utilized as a pop of color for a more modern look. It’s eye catching, bold and the perfect addition to your year-round collection.

This one’s for all of the book lovers out there! This sweet little book vase makes the perfect gift for a friend, to be styled in the library all spring long. We love a spray of bright-colored tulips, the “messier” the better!

These ruffle vases are pure elegance! The organic shape creates a gorgeous artistic look for any floral arrangement, and the neutral color highlights the blooms themselves. I have received and given them as gifts to brides, birthday girls and as hostess gifts!

These woven jute vases are great for spring and summer, and they can bring a fun coastal vibe to your home. These are so much fun to style with palm fronds, pampas grass and other dried or natural elements, in addition to fresh, long-stemmed florals!

Share your DIY floral arrangements with us on Instagram @lolliandme and have a happy spring!

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