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If you’re like Lolli and me, you feel that with each new year comes a few more subtle signs of aging. And while the right skincare routine can keep things at bay, we’ve sometimes wished for an overnight fix. Thankfully, Gigi Howard, founder of SiO Beauty, has created just that!  SiO Beauty’s patches are made of high-quality, medical-grade silicone that draws moisture to the skin’s surface to restore hydration and stimulate collagen production, plumping wrinkles away in one use! The patches are doctor-approved and shaped for areas like eyes, face, décolletage, hands and more.

SiO Beauty is a brand WHERE THE GENERATIONS MEET™, and I had the pleasure of meeting Gigi when she visited Dallas recently (Thanks to Kimberly Whitman and Tina Craig).  I was inspired by Gigi’s journey of responding to something that bothered her personally by getting entrepreneurial about it (More on her story below!).

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Photo via SiO Beauty

The Story Behind SiO Beauty

Gigi, a Georgia native, forged a successful career in beauty and fashion both stateside and abroad. But in her mid- to late- 20’s, she began noticing wrinkles on her décolleté and cleavage areas. Embarrassed by these wrinkles, she sought help from doctors, confident she would find a solution. After trying different pillows, serums, and creams and not seeing the results she desired, Gigi began to feel desperate.

At an impromptu lunch, a friend told GiGi about the silicone adhesive sheets her doctor prescribed her after a minor surgery to help heal her skin and post-surgical scars. Gigi tested a sample of the silicone on her chest that night, and the results were visible – she had little to no fine lines and wrinkles the next day!

Photo via SiO Beauty

Enlisting medical experts and chemists, Gigi spent years testing over 180 prototypes to create the perfect silicone patch. Her vision finally became a reality and she launched SiO beauty in 2016.

“I was raised to always confront life head-on, by doing this not only did I find the solution to my own worries, I created the solution for those experiencing the same issues I faced.” GiGi Howard, SiO Beauty founder

Wipe Away Wrinkles

SiO Beauty patches smooth wrinkles away in just one use! Using the patches can also help prevent new wrinkles from forming. All you have to do is apply before bed and wake up with diminished wrinkles! Here’s an example of one user’s BEFORE and AFTER:

From décolleté to under eye and forehead wrinkles, SiO Beauty probably has a patch for any of your wrinkle woes. I gave several to Lolli in her Christmas stocking to last throughout the year (They can each be used up to 15 times!). There’s even a patch for the backs of your hands (which often show the earliest signs of aging) and patches for men! SiO products are sold locally at Joanna Czech Spa, which is a place WHERE THE GENERATIONS MEET™ for Lolli and me when it comes to regular facials and other skincare products. And you can find SiO available online through retailers like Dillard’s and Amazon (with Prime shipping!):

The patches are extremely easy to use if you just follow three steps below. I simply peeled mine from the packaging, followed the instructions, and woke up with noticeably less “crow’s feet!”

Graphic via SiO Beauty

Ready to see wave your wrinkles goodbye? As a special treat for y’all, SiO is offering 20% OFF your order when you enter the code LOLLI20 at checkout! We hope you enjoy your experience with SiO Beauty, and let us know what you think by leaving a comment on Instagram or Facebook!

Featured photo via SiO Beauty
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