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Joanna Czech Spa is a place WHERE THE GENERATIONS MEET™ for Lolli and me! Joanna Czech, esthetician to stars like Anna Wintour and Cate Blanchett, recently brought her 30 years of experience to Dallas, opening Joanna Czech Spa at Victory Park in 2015, and she’s quickly become our new go-to guru. Joanna believes that the key to beautiful skin is a longterm approach, including a seasonal regimen and a healthy lifestyle rather than short-term “quick fixes.” Amen?

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MAMA ALWAYS SAID™ natural is best, and that’s a philosophy of Lolli’s that we both take seriously when it comes to skincare. Since my teenage years she’s been telling me to use daily sun-protection and stay consistent with makeup removal and moisturizing (Wish I’d listened sooner!). Even now as a grandmother, Lolli and her porcelain skin looks great, and she’s never gone down the route of fillers and facelifts, injections and lasers. I’m following her example, despite some of the tempting trends, and just hoping those genes for graceful aging get passed down!

That’s why we were so thrilled when we met Joanna, who advocates for a scientific approach that supports the dermis and its natural power to resist aging with the right routine. Note: This is not a “med spa.” She works miracles with her hands using facial massage and powerful products and tools informed by a decades-long career working with everyone from celebrities on set to international charity clients suffering from debilitating skin conditions.

What we love most about Joanna, though, is that she is humble and kind and treats everyone like a VIP headed to an important red carpet appearance (although carpool line is usually my next stop!). We always leave our sessions radiant, encouraged, and armed with information (For example, did you know that heat alone–not just sun exposure–brings out pigment in the skin? Hello, freckles!). You may wait months and pay hundreds for an appointment, but it’s all worth it for the evaluation, treatment, and education you get in 90 minutes. I popped by for a post-pregnancy facial with Joanna just last week, and she got me glowing again then updated my summer skincare regimen:

My Skincare Routine

First, I remove my makeup (when applicable) with a Neutrogena Naturals face wash and cleanse with LAIT VIP O2. Then, I use a cotton round to dab the cult-favorite toner LOTION P50 1970 all over my face, neck and décolletage. It balances your skin’s pH and exfoliates with a slight tingling feeling, which I like because you can literally feel it working!

Next, Joanna has prescribed a “pharmacy” of seven strategic serums: Serum Collagene NatifSerum A-GlycaSerum Dermopore, Serum Extraits Tissulaires, and professional-grade Vitamin A, C and E serums. Joanna recommends mixing up to four serums per application, as they collectively treat your skin and prep the canvas for your moisturizer to penetrate. I’ve been using these serums regularly for months (even packed them in My Hospital Bag!), except Joanna just added the vitamins “cocktail” to use in the morning for brightening, as well as the Collagene serum for pore-tightening to interchange with the Dermapore option and Serum Placenta for even more anti-aging strength (Now that I’m 30!). Did you catch all of that?

Don’t panic! Before this starts to sound both complicated and expensive, I must clarify that while it seems like a lot of product, you just rotate using a couple drops of four serums per application (morning and night), and they last a really long time. Also, my total skincare routine takes 30 seconds or less–promise! Plus remember, investing your dollars in these effective, biological products to keep skin consistently regenerated and healthy prevents aging in a much more cost-effective way in the longterm than some reactive (and potentially risky!) cosmetic procedures down the road. Stick with me…

The last step in my routine is applying moisturizer to keep skin balanced and supple. At night time, that is Creme Masque Vernix for me, and in the morning prior to makeup application, I use Dermo Creme RL or sometimes Emulsion Gel Biosensible for an airier texture in hot temperatures, when I’ll be outside melting.

For those occasional blemishes that pop up, Joanna suggests this Pumpkin Peel, which you apply on a pimple and leave overnight for a spot treatment or use as a full-face exfoliating mask when needed. Even my husband is a fan, and it works well on the kids’ bug bites, too.  Keep it in the refrigerator, and it will last you forever.

Vintner’s Daughter oil is another product in my arsenal, recommended by Joanna. It has a beautiful fragrance and helps hydrate skin, so I add it on top of my night-time moisturizing cream when skin is dehydrated and needs a little boost, like during or after travel. (Fun fact: April, the creator of this popular product, is literally a vintner’s daughter–Her parents own and operate Gargiulo Vineyards, whose Napa reds are a staple in our family’s cellar!)

Before I sign off, you must also know that Joanna just got the amazingly rich Augustinus Bader cream in stock, and I left my recent session with signature blue bottles of this luxurious treat for both Lolli and me. We’re just a few days in and can both say this is good stuff. Lolli is already raving about it, and I am enjoying it morning and evening, since it’s not heavy and absorbs well. Pretty instant satisfaction!

VOILA, Y’ALL!™ That’s everything on my current “Czech List” and hope you find it helpful as an example of what resonates with Lolli and me as far as skincare philosophy and some products we’ve found proven.

I’ve shared a lot about what’s working for me, but to best know what your specific skincare needs are, we highly recommend a consultation with Joanna or one of her spa’s other fabulous estheticians. You can also book an online consultation here. Appointment or not, she has exclusives on many of the products mentioned above, so we encourage stopping by the Spa to shop curated collections you’ll find nowhere else! Stay tuned for more from this friend and favorite, as she’s always coming up with new projects and ideas. We’ll keep you post-ed!

Be sure to follow @lolliandme on Instagram, and you can also keep a pulse on a spectrum of beauty products Lolli and I are loving by visiting our SHOP! Most importantly, remember beauty shines brightest from the inside out.

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