Pack Your Bag: Spring Break Travel Must-Haves

After being cooped up this winter season, I am ready to embrace the changing weather and travel with the family. Trips with three young kids can be daunting, but I want the family to enjoy the journey, not just the destination. Luckily, there are so many great products out there that make travel more comfortable and fun, for both the kids and us adults. We are sharing our Spring Break Travel Checklist, including everything from travel accessories to the best apparel for spring’s unpredictable weather.

Lolli and Me’s Spring Break Travel Checklist

For the Journey:

Travel days with the family can often be hectic and overwhelming for all. Thankfully, there are so many products that offer solutions to the sources of stress that come with Spring Break travel. I refuse to let cramped leg room and cold airplanes get the best of me this vacation season!

1. Plane Bed for Kids

Photo by Flyaway Designs

If your kids have trouble falling asleep on airplanes, these inflatable beds are life savers. Brands such as Flyaway Designs and Stokke have inflatable sleep solutions for little restless fliers. Many are approved by major airlines, but be sure to confirm that it is approved before you fly, as a few have yet to get on board with this GAME CHANGING airplane accessory. Now if only they could find a solution for adult fliers to get comfortable up in the air…

2. Ear Plugs

Photo by Earplanes

One of the most difficult parts of flying for my kids has been the impact of pressure changes on their ears. It is always heartbreaking to know kids are experiencing discomfort, especially when they are too young to fully understand what is happening. Luckily, Earplanes has created a product to help prevent and relieve air pressure pain. These ear plugs come in sizes appropriate for both children and adults, so I also pack some for myself, just in case. If the sounds of air travel are overstimulating to your child or baby, there are many great noise-canceling products out there for kids:

3. Blanket Pack

Photo by ARELUX at Walmart

Let’s be honest, airplanes these days are cold! When traveling with the family, we are already so overloaded with stuff, I don’t want to add a bunch of blankets to the equation. I have found that combination stuffed animal/blankets are the perfection solution. They act as the kid’s toy/”plane buddy” and they come to the rescue when the cabin starts to feel more like the North Pole. Now that I am thinking about it, I may have to add my own travel blanket to the mix after all.

4. Activities for Kids

Photo by TammyoliverDesign

What is the secret to keeping your kids occupied on the plane, without losing all their toys, crayons, and dolls as they fall below into airplane seat no-man’s-land? I can’t say I have found any perfect solutions to this one, but there is one toy I recently discovered that is simply ingenious. Etsy storefront Tammy Oliver Design currently offers a felt playset, where the characters are attached to the scenery by a string. I am keeping this store on my radar, as I plan on purchasing every new set she comes out with for future travel. The current “Camping” themed set is so sweet. When it comes to drawing on planes, I have my kids store their supplies in pouches, such as this festive kit from Paper Source, and simply accept in advance some of the colored pencils will be lost along the way.

5. Skin Care

I always make sure to pack certain skin care essentials with me in the carry on bag. I focus primarily on hydrating products, such as face mists and lip balms. These products not only combat the dehydrating effects of flying, but they also provide brief moments of calm during often-hectic days. Here is a round-up of my six skin care “must-haves” when traveling:

6. Smart Luggage

Smart luggage has been all the rage in recent years, and after a few bad incidents of dying electronics without a charging station in sight, I have decided to join in on the craze. Away is among the most popular of e-luggage brands, and I get why with its sleek design and fun color options. However, I also intend to shop around and explore some of the other suitcases on the market:

If style is more of a priority than a USB port (which I totally get) check out our post on more fashion forward—and functional—luggage options.

What to Pack:

I have always found Spring Break to be a particularly tricky time for fashion. Depending on the region, temperatures are rising and in others winter storms are still making an appearance. Add long travel days to the mix, and it is hard to know exactly how to pack for a vacation in March. We have gathered some of our favorite pieces for spring travel this season. My bag will be packed with light, weather-proof jackets, stylish shoes that do not forgo comfort, and pants that are perfect for a long flight or a day of exploring.

1. Jackets

Unfortunately, March is still too early to ditch the jacket completely. The cold airplane temperatures are never far from my mind either. When it comes to Spring Break travel, I am a fan of light jackets that I won’t be annoyed to carry or wrap around my waist as I travel between climates. Here are some of my favorites this season:

2. Shoes

Comfortable boots are in and I could not be happier. A Chelsea style boot and a cute pair of sneakers are go-to shoes for family vacations. Lolli and I both love shoe brands like Rothy’s that can be thrown in a washer after your trip! Pandemic fashion trends have put a premium on comfort, so whatever style you prefer, there will likely be a “walkable” version out there:

3. Pants

When deciding on what pants to pack for a Spring Break vacation, the most important factor for me is versatility and stretch! I want one or two pairs that work well on the plane, at a tourist attraction, and then out to dinner. Here are some amazing fits that are stylish and versatile:

Where are you off to this Spring Break? What are your spring travel “must-haves”? Let us know by tagging @lolliandme in your posts on Instagram and Facebook!

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