Blue & White is Always Right

Whenever it comes time to host a party or just set the everyday dinner table, I turn to the timeless pairing of blue and white. A set of dinnerware with cerulean accents immediately adds a touch of historical class to our family meals. This décor style is not only versatile, it is also transportive; blue and white ceramics and textiles have been present in East Asian, Mediterranean, and many other global cultures for centuries. Bringing these sensibilities into my spaces makes it hard to ignore how colors can transform mood. As Lolli taught me, blue and white is always right. These accents are timeless – WHERE THE GENERATIONS MEET®.


I have always been impressed with how the presence of blue and white in dinnerware can bring a formal tone to informal moments. Family life can be hectic, and time spent cooking and sharing meals becomes the center of our shared time together. I like breaking out my blue and white dining sets to make these moments feel more like events, and less like brief interludes between work and activities (although there are certainly days when they feel like that!). Just last week we used our favorite blue and white ceramic bowls for chili night. Who said downhome Texas cooking couldn’t be classy? VOILA, Y’ALLTM!

Living Room

Blue and white ceramic vases and lamps polish a room. Flower arrangements in blue and white vases provide eye-catching color to a palette.

These pieces take design cues from ancient Chinese and Japanese ceramic traditions, and I also love the beautiful Delft collections from Dutch heritage–nods to art history’s presence in modern design.

If you aren’t in need of ceramic accents, but still want to bring this trend into your living spaces, here are some other timeless looks we like:


Photo by Pottery Barn

There are plenty of studies of how color affects our mood. I find blue and white in the form of textiles and trinkets to bring a sense of serenity into any space. From vases to porcelain and linens, blue and white is always a refreshing sight.


Photo by Home Depot

Just because a room’s purpose is inherently private, does not mean it is any less worthy of beauty! The powder room is a great fit for blue and white pieces and towel sets. However, if you are wanting to truly lean into the trend, I suggest trying one of these gorgeous wallpapers:




Outdoor design can be tricky. I sometimes struggle to find a balance between festive and functional, espeically when it comes to weather-proof materials. Luckily when I get stuck the words my MAMA ALWAYS SAIDTM pop into my head: “Blue and White is always right.” There are so many amazing options for blue and white patio furniture and cushions available right now. With spring right around the corner, I am excited to find a piece that will serve my porch and backyard spaces.

Happy decorating! How do you incorporate blue and white into your home and design style? Let us know by tagging @lolliandme in your posts on Instagram and Facebook!

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