Summer Salad Recipes

The kids may be heading back to school, but that doesn’t mean summer is over! We’re still enjoying all it has to offer – barbecues, pool parties, weekends at the lake, and long evenings with friends. It’s always nice to show up to get-togethers with something in your hands, and we love how summer days last a little bit longer and the weeknights are more social. While it might seem more fun to offer a drink or dessert option as your go-to contribution, summer salads can steal the show! Here’s a roundup in case you’re looking for some inspiration for summer salad recipes for yourself or entertaining a crew:

Cucumber Salad

This might be the best summer side dish. It goes with practically any main dish; it’s light and easy to make. Great with salmon, chicken or steak, it pairs well with any type of cuisine. The crunch and vinegar-y flavor make for a tangy sidekick for your summer meal.

Cobb Salad Recipe

Cobb Salad is an instant hit, even with my boys! The variety of textures and flavors bring this classicc American salad to life. We know not everyone is a fan of hard-boiled eggs, but we sure do love them. And nothing beats the presentation of a colorful cobb!

Summer Salad with Corn, Strawberries & Avocado

Photo / Recipe by Walder Wellness

This salad is bursting with lovely colors and seasonal flavors! The strawberries and sweet corn complement the avocado; this would be a great filling for tacos or accompaniment to many main dish options. We love how easy it is to make, with little to no cooking involved.

Summer Chopped Veggie Salad

Photo / Recipe by Maple + Mango

This chopped veggie salad is an excellent side salad to take to your lunch or dinner gathering. It has as Mediterranean flavor and feel, and is so easy to throw on repeat for all your summer soirées. It can be thrown together in around ten minutes, so even if you’re running late, you will still manage to show up with something delicious that everyone will love. Don’t forget your serveware!

Chilled Watermelon Tomatillo Salad

Photo / Recipe by Nourish and Fete

This salad is the perfect blend of sweet, salty and spicy. Watermelon is a hit in the summer, and the jalapeño adds a perfect dash of spice. This is a fun and easy way to really let the watermelon flavors shine (and here is the perfect bowl to serve it in)!

Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad

Photo / Recipe by Natasha’s Kitchen

Brussels sprouts are a great dinner side, and there is just something about them that make a salad special. The apples and the cheese complement all of the flavors in this recipe, and the tastes blend well into most summer (and fall!) menus.

Blueberry Summer Kale Salad

Photo / Recipe by Dietitian Debbie

The homemade vinaigrette is this salad’s secret sauce. You will want to put it on absolutely everything after tasting it! If you make your dressing and the quinoa ahead of time, you’ll be ahead to make this salad in no time. VOILA, Y’ALL!™

Chickpea Tuna Salad

Photo / Recipe by Live Eat Learn

Put a little spin on classic tuna salad by adding chickpeas to the recipe. This one is a great plant-based option with some added protein, too. With extra tanginess, this recipe offers more than a standard tuna salad. Add to crackers, make a sandwich, or just scoop on top of greens with a drizzle of balsamic and you’ve got a perfect meal or side snack.

Summer Corn Salad

Photo / Recipe by Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

Sometimes it’s the simplest recipes that are the most addicting. That’s how we feel with this one! You can tweak this summer sweet corn recipe depending on your preference (we love adding feta crumbles to ours!), resulting in several delicious varieties.

Fruit Salad

Photo / Recipe by Two Peas & Their Pod

Is it summer without fruit salad? Incorporating all the seasonal sweetness and vibrant flavors that summer fruit has to offer, this recipe is a hit with any crowd. It’s hard to resist the simple beauty of the ripe fruits’ rainbow of colors as presented in this recipe.


Photo / Recipe by Cookie and Kate

Tabbouleh is a fresh, light herb and bulgur Middle Eastern dish that incorporates parsley, cucumber and tomato. Refreshing and filling! We love how tabbouleh looks against this wooden serving bowl. Add this dish to a Mediterranean-style menu, or you can even add it to your burgers or hot dogs for a unique flair this summer.

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