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The holidays are right around the corner and it’s time to start thinking of gifts for the whole family. As we gather gifts for our loved ones this holiday season, our goal is always to give gifts that are personalized and meaningful to the recipient. Sentimental gifts show that you put some forethought into the present, and most can make great family heirlooms, too! Today we’re excited to share about three brands WHERE THE GENERATIONS MEET®, The Muse Collection by Align Studios, Plum Print and The Heirloomist, that make personalized art. Read on for sentimental gift ideas from these brands (plus an exclusive discount!) and more!

The Muse Collection – Abstract Art Created by Your Child

Photo by The Muse Collection

There are many ways that you can turn your kids’ artwork into gifts, but what sets The Muse Collection apart is their ability to help your child create a masterpiece! Painted on museum-quality canvas, this piece will be worthy of display anywhere in the family home as well as a legacy piece for years to come. Based in Dallas, Texas, the owners of Align Studios created The Muse Collection art experience, an unforgettable experience of commissioning an abstract masterpiece created by your children.

Not only does this experience foster a lifelong love and appreciation of the arts in children, but these custom canvases make for the perfect, thoughtful gift you can give a parent or grandparent during the holidays and beyond. Here’s how it works:

  1. The process begins with an on-site visit with an Artist and Designer to discuss size, color palette and composition ideas that work beautifully in your space.
  2. Next, you bring your child/children to the Align Art Studio to create.
  3. In the studio, your child will encounter various materials, process, and approaches to abstract expressionist painting in a FUN and relaxed environment.
  4. Following the creation of the art, they will seal the piece and deliver it to your home.

This in-person art experience is available in Dallas, Austin, Houston, Nashville, Chicago and Denver, and can be booked online here.

Plum Print – Turn Family Keepsakes into Beautiful Books

Photo by Plum Print

Your most cherished family memories and keepsakes deserve better than to be stored away in a box. Children’s artwork, treasured letters, favorite photos, family recipes, newspaper clippings and school awards are all things that make up the stories of our lives. So why banish them to the darkest corners of your home? They should be collected so they can be honored and shared for years to come. Plum Print does just that! They take all your family mementos and keepsakes and preserve them in beautifully designed books.

Founders Carolyn and Meg found themselves questioning what to do with the growing stacks of artwork, even considering, “throwing it out!” That’s when the Plum Print seed sprouted—an all-in-one solution to help parents effortlessly organize and celebrate their children’s creations without taking time and space. Plum Print now offers a growing number of ways for parents to create beautiful archives of their children’s creativity that can be enjoyed for years to come. Here’s how it works:

  1. They send you a prepaid shipping kit. Simply add what matters most to you.
  2. Their expert designers curate your memories into the perfect design you can review and approve online.
  3. The finished products are coffee table quality books designed to be enjoyed with family and friends.

A great gift idea for both parents and kids alike, you can check out all of the different book options and start building your own at

The Heirloomist – Turn Family Heirlooms and Keepsakes Into Modern Art

Photo by The Heirloomist

The Heirloomist was inspired by my grandmother, Phyllis, who was the keeper of all the family heirlooms and teller of all the stories that go with them. I am a still life photographer by trade so exploring my family’s stories (and ALL of our stories) through objects seemed like a fun project…it quickly took off and has been such an incredible adventure in making personalized art. Our clients consistently impress us with their many ideas of what makes an heirloom– Hats, stuffed animals, blankies, notes, cowboy boots….it can be anything and that it the joy of it. Our life stories truly are art! ~ Shana Novak, The Heirloomist  

Photo by The Heirloomist

Shana Novak, AKA The Heirloomist, turns your keepsakes and family heirlooms into fun, meaningful photographs. Here’s how it works:

  1. Send your keepsake to their photo studio.
  2. Your keepsake is photographed within a few days.
  3. Several versions of your image are emailed to you so you can choose your favorite.
  4. Your photograph is printed and mailed and your keepsake is returned.

The finished product is a piece of art that tells a story and that can be passed down for generations! We all have objects that are meaningful to us and that tell a story, so what better way to make #intentionalmemories and have that story live on than through a beautiful piece of art. You can read some of the inspiring stories of heirlooms that have been turned into modern art here.

Orders can be placed at Just for you, The Heirloomist is extending a $50 discount with the promo code “Lolli and Me“. They are about to get extremely busy with the holidays, so we encourage you to reach out right away if you are interested!

More Sentimental Gift Ideas

We’ve gathered more sentimental gift ideas and special heirloom pieces to be passed down for generations below:

What are some of your favorite sentimental art gifts to give during the holidays? Check out @plumprint, @theheirloomist and @alignstudios on Instagram and be sure to tag @lolliandme in your posts on Facebook and Instagram if you try any of these ideas!

Featured photo by The Heirloomist

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