Turn Your Kids’ Artwork into Gifts with CECE DuPRAZ

As we’ve been finishing the school year from home, my children have been spending a lot more time doing arts and crafts over the past several weeks. With so many kids coloring in quarantine and so little room on the fridge, why not capture your kids’ art on gifts and souvenirs of the current times?

CECE DuPRAZ not only has great customizable gifts for all of life’s celebrations, but their Custom Tote gift sets are especially perfect in quarantine when we can’t see grandparents or other loved ones. Have you been struggling to find a great gift for your students’ teachers? Just send in your child’s art for an embroidered design, and they handle the rest (including getting it to them safely)! And just for you, they are offering 15% off all orders on the entire site with code “LOLLI.

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CECE DuPRAZ is a Massachusetts-based storefront and e-commerce shop that delivers playful products and expertly-curated monograms for any occasion. A brand WHERE THE GENERATIONS MEET®, you can find clever and creative gifts for the whole family.

Read on for the story behind CECE DuPRAZ and their Children’s Custom Totes, plus more kids artwork gift ideas for relatives, teachers and friends!

The Story Behind CECE DuPRAZ

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I wanted to be a power of example to my daughters and show them what a strong, creative, woman could do with a little vision and a lot of ambition.” -Marion Greely, Founder & CCO

CECE DuPRAZ was founded in 2015 by Marion Greely out of her home. Now a storefront and studio space in her town north of Boston, it has become a lifestyle brand making custom, well-designed, high-quality and accessible products for women and children. CECE DuPRAZ is your go-to for clever, unexpected and bespoke gifts for all of life’s celebrations. Life is a party. Show up in style.

CECE DuPRAZ Children’s Custom Totes

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Send some love with art! When it comes to turning your child’s artwork into a unique, lasting and usable gift, Oprah and GOOP agree that their Children’s Custom Artwork Totes are a favorite.

Sure, you could keep sticking your little one’s doodles on the fridge—or her moving masterpieces could be embroidered onto a handsome canvas carryall you can hold dear everywhere you go.” — Oprah

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CECE DuPRAZ has made it simple to upload your child’s masterpiece to create one-of-a-kind gifts that are perfect for you, family, teachers, or friends! With the Children’s Custom Totes, you can design your own medium boat tote or send some love with their Custom Tote gift set! These custom tote kits contain all the components the recipient will need to create a doodle masterpiece which CECE DuPRAZ then turns in to the embroidery for their medium boat tote. While we all need some activity inspiration, this kit of creativity is a great one for the list:

There are six different tote bag colors to choose from, so you can find the the perfect canvas for your masterpiece! Dream about how you can take it down to the beach or lake this summer (or whenever traveling is a thing again)!

These custom tote kits provide both a fun at-home activity for kids as well as a meaningful, practical and unique gift for the recipient. We call that a cute and fun win-win!

EXCLUSIVE Discount Code for Lolli and Me Readers!

Don’t miss out on the exclusive discount for Lolli and Me readers! CECE DuPRAZ is offering 15% off our readers’ orders on https://cecedupraz.com/ with discount code LOLLI. Send some love with art (or treat yourself) this quarantine season! We can all choose to continue #celebratingMOMents by focusing on the positive, silver linings in the midst of this trying time. Spread the love and enjoy creating art together!

Photo via CECE DuPRAZ

More Kids Artwork Gift Ideas

With just a few simple steps, you can help your little Picasso transform their favorite artwork into a variety of sweet keepsake presents that relatives, teachers and friends will absolutely love. 

Father’s Day is just around the corner! Here are some creative ways you can turn your kids artwork into the perfect gift for dad:

Be sure to check out our SHOP pages for more gift ideas! Let us know if you make your own custom tote or try any of these ideas by tagging @lolliandme in your posts on Facebook and Instagram.

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