Seasonal Cocktails and Mocktails

With sweater weather right around the corner, we are looking forward to the crisp autumn air, festive gatherings, and of course the nostalgic flavors that come with the season. One of our favorite ways to indulge in autumnal delights is by experimenting with fun cocktails and mocktails. The stylized presentation of these seasonal drinks always brings a festive energy to any occasion. We’re sharing 12 stunning (and down-right delicious) recipes to imbue your dinner parties, craft nights, and evenings by the fire with some extra charm.

Cranberry Orange Marmalade Sour

Photo / Recipe by Natalie Jacob of Arsenic Lace

Nothing says fall flavor like cranberries. You can truly make this cocktail your own, by pairing it with the alcohol of your choice (Natalie Jacob of Arsenic Lace suggests tequila). The cranberry syrup is surprisingly easy to make. We suggest making a large batch of it and saving the extra for other drink and dessert recipes throughout the season.

Oatmeal Cookie Old Fashioned

Photo / Recipe by Cocktail Contessa

Creating this cocktail comes with an amazing perk: cookies. You need to infuse the bourbon with 4 oatmeal cookies, but if we are making 4 we might as well make a dozen…or two. Get the kids involved with the baking, and they won’t even notice that the drink is an adults-only indulgence.

Orange Gin and Tonic

Photo / Recipe by Rachel Cooks

We love this fresh take on a classic. The orange complements the cinnamon and anise spices in a way that brings new meaning to refreshment. This one is quick and easy – the perfect cocktail for a girls night where you want to spend more time catching up than preparing your drinks.

Rum Hot Toddy

Photo / Recipe by Wallflower Kitchen

This is the perfect drink for when the temperatures drop (any day now, Texas!). Gather by the fire or under a blanket and let Wallflower Kitchen’s rum-based hot toddy warm you from the inside out. And drinking a cocktail from a mug is always a fun change of pace! These adorable mugs are great for both morning coffees and evening toddies. What we really want to know is: Do you hold your mugs with one hand or two?

Toasted S’mores Martini

Photo / Recipe by The Cookie Rookie

You can’t have just one of these; you will always want s’more. Due to its theatrical nature (a flaming marshmallow!) it’s hard to say which is more fun: preparing the cocktail, or drinking it. We suggest leaning into the show and having a marshmallow themed drink night. Serve hot chocolate to the kids and marshmallow vodka to the grownups and no one will go to bed disappointed. It’s a great opportunity to break out festive glassware, too!

Pumpkin Spice Margarita

Photo / Recipe by Freutcake

We Texans love a spicy “marg,” and that love doesn’t have to end with summer. Finally, the flavor combination of our dreams is here. Pumpkin Spice, meet tequila. Freutcake’s recipe will satisfy all your #fallvibes cravings, with a little Texas kick. VOILA, Y’ALL!™

Mulled Wine

Photo / Recipe by Cookie + Kate

Whenever mulled wine is prepared, we can’t help but feel rooted in culinary traditions. There is something timeless about the citrus spice of warm mulled wine. This drink is not just a passing fad. Cookie + Kate has a great recipe with a classic sensibility. Kate suggests using Merlot, Zinfandel or Grenache as your base. We suggest pairing it with a statement bowl and ladle that you can use for your yearly mulled wine brewing tradition. Kim Whitman’s book Parties Around a Punch Bowl is a dose of inspiration for perfect presentation!

Apple Cider Mimosa

Photo / Recipe by Texan Erin

With Texan Erin’s recipe, even the brunch cocktail menu can have a fall transformation. Swap the orange juice for apple cider, and you are good to go!

Autumnal Temptations Mocktail

Photo / Recipe by The Spruce Eats

When we think of autumn, we often think of warm flavors and rich spices. But autumn also brings the promise of crisp air, fresh harvest fruits, and an acknowledgement of nature. This herbal mocktail is prepared with apricot and agave nectars, and the unique twist of lavender soda. We feel soothed and refreshed just thinking about it. If you are curious about herbal sodas, these are some of our top picks.

Earl Grey Cobbler Mocktail

Photo / Recipe by Moody Mixologist

For those looking to get creative with alcohol-alternative drinks, tea can serve as a great liquor substitute. The flavors of Earl Grey are especially delicious, and combined with the citrus and berries of this cobbler-style mocktail, it makes the mocktail lifestyle especially enticing.

Halloween Mocktail

Photo / Recipe by 3 Boys and a Dog

We cannot wait to invite Lolli over to make these Halloween mocktails with the kids. The black nonpareils and bright food coloring create a spooky and fun drink for the holiday. We are going to play around with some candy garnishes and haunting decorations so each kid (and grownup) can make their mocktail stand out!

Hocus Pocus Punch

Photo / Recipe by How Sweet Eats

A nod to the Halloween movie classic, this is the perfect mocktail punch for all your fall events. Whether you need to bring an offering to Friendsgiving or you’re having a movie night with the family (may we suggest…Hocus Pocus?), this cider based punch will be a fan favorite.

We’ve gathered some dream glassware for your next cocktail/mocktail night:

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