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First comes love; then comes marriage; then comes baby…and a family photoshoot! We are so grateful for the professional images we have of both boys as newborn babies, so we definitely wanted to be sure to capture our first daughter at this age, too. The newborn phase goes by so quickly, so it’s best if you can capture photos within the first couple of weeks, while baby still has his or her “newborn look.” (Like MAMA ALWAYS SAID™, “Babies don’t keep!”) I was excited to not only capture these precious moments with Lolli and her namesake “Liza” but also to take advantage of the opportunity to get photos of the whole family, especially with my boys and their brand new baby sister! Here are some of our tips for capturing those precious (and fleeting) moments with a family photographer:

Find Your Photographer

Word of mouth is the best way to get photographer recommendations. Ask around to other new mom friends about who they’ve enjoyed using, and get online to do some research, too (i.e. Search for “Dallas Family Photographer.”). You can also scan Instagram hashtags like #newbornphotography and, of course, browse Pinterest for some samples and ideas of what you want your photos to look like. Then, select a professional whose look and product matches the results you want. Photographers are artists, so they each have their own styles of artistry. Some photographers specialize in natural-light photography at home (which is our preference), yet others have a gift for capturing outdoor images or offer studio shoots as an option.

For this family photoshoot, I selected Natalie Yates, a local photographer who’s a mother of toddlers herself, so she understood how to advise us on prepping for the shoot to be efficient with our kids’ attention spans. She also specializes in newborn and family photography, which means she has experience on just how to direct children to get those sweet (and often candid!) smiles and shots, while respecting a family’s schedule and preferences. She even came prepared with the silk bow swaddle we ended up using for Liza in the majority of her shots! 

Time it Right

For a family photoshoot, there are multiple subjects who need to be dressed, ready, and happy enough to all smile at the right time for the perfect shot! I recommend creating a plan for your photoshoot to ensure you get the best result from your investment:

Make a “shot list” of all the photos you want captured within the given timeframe. For example, if you want different combinations of family members and multiple wardrobe changes, have a checklist of those goals with an attached timeline to keep the shoot on track. Share it with the photographer beforehand to make sure your goals are feasible, and adjust expectations accordingly.

Choose the right time of day to get the best lighting for your setting, while also considering the baby’s schedule. It’s best to have the shoot right after baby has been been fed, so your newborn is sweet and sleepy for the photographer. It can be challenging to coordinate all factors, but if you can get the stars to align, it’s all worth it when you have a priceless album!

Dress the Part

For the best results, give some thought to wardrobe options well in advance of your photoshoot. Gather any accessories you want to include for baby, like a favorite swaddle or embroidered bloomers. And while your newborn will be the featured star of the show, I recommend ordering matching or coordinating outfits for siblings, too! I dressed my boys in smocked “Big Brother” outfits from Dressy Jessy Smocking, and they also put on beige and white by Cecil and Lou for a few shots, too:

My husband was fine just wearing his regular khaki pants and a basic white button-down shirt. Then, to go with the neutral and pastel tones, Lolli popped by in one of her signature white blouses with a classic multi-strand pearl necklace. I prepared two options for myself: a white shirtdress and a pink dress by Cynthia Rowley from last spring. Of course, Lolli and I made sure our makeup was photo-ready and added volume and curl to our hair (See our post about Texas Hair Two Ways for tips on that!).

 1: Pink Dress* // 2: Smocked “Big Brother” Outfit // 3: Classic White Blouse*

Style Your Shoot

Decide ahead of time what setting you want as the background of your shoot, and share those preferences with your photographer. We chose to do our shoot at home, since it feels intimate and comfortable, plus our nursery and master bedroom both get plenty of natural light to please the camera.

Be sure to tidy the nursery or any room you shoot in, and consider how the background will look at each angle the photographer chooses. I like to bring in a fresh flower arrangement and am sure straighten up bed spreads, pillows and other decorative accessories, like picture frames, lamps, and anything else that may show in your pictures.  You may spot some of these elements in the background of our family photos:

1: Handblown Vase* // 2: Acrylic Frames* // 3: Personalized Sham*


In case it’s helpful for your own family photoshoot, shop some of the items we’ve mentioned and other suggestions here:

We hope you are enjoying our BRINGING HOME BABY series this week! You’ve had a bit of a sneak peak from today’s post, but tomorrow we’re sharing Liza’s full  NURSERY REVEAL!  And in case you missed them, visit our past posts about MY HOSPITAL BAGNEWBORN ESSENTIALS, and BABY GEAR GALORE.

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Asterisk ( * ) denotes product linked is similar but not exact.

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