Everyday China

Nearly every Southern bride knows to register for an “everyday china” in addition to her fine china pattern, crystal, and silverware!  It’s the “everyday china” that can typically go in the dishwasher time after time and can chip without breaking your heart or the bank.

While Lolli advocates for pulling out the fine china and silver as much as possible—“What are you saving it for?” she says—we also both keep casual dinnerware on hand for most everyday occasions. I keep my everyday collection all white so that it mixes and matches easily. Lolli’s everyday tableware is more colorful, since she’s accumulated many unique patterns over the years from markets, estate sales and vintage shops.

Now, why wait on a wedding registry to begin your collection of everyday china?! No need. We’ve selected some place setting styles for any budget and life stage, whether you entertain a lot, or just set the table for two:


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