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When we are caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life, it is easy to forget the bounty of offerings nature can provide. However, we feel it’s important for the kids to grow up with an understanding of where food comes from, as well as discover the aesthetic joys of agriculture. That’s why we are so glad to have Mars Hill Farm nearby us in Dallas. This farm and garden center is the answer to our agricultural curiosities. With seasonal harvest celebrations, sustainable produce, and classes ranging from floral arrangement to beekeeping, Mars Hill is a must-visit spot for the family. What better place for WHERE THE GENERATIONS MEET™ than among the sunflowers?

Photo by Mars Hill Farm

Harvest on the Hill

One of the best ways to experience Mars Hill is through their Harvest on the Hill programs, which run every fall and spring alongside their flower harvest. This fall featured a vibrant sunflower field. Visitors were welcome to wander the rows of sunflowers and cut their own fresh stems to take home. The season’s Harvest on the Hill also featured a petting zoo, hay maze, trailer rides, and other quintessential fall activities. Art classes and flower subscriptions were also offered for us adults (although who are we kidding, we still love wandering a hay maze in the fall). While Harvest on the Hill may have come to an end for the season, we are already marking our calendars for May when the gladiolas will be in bloom. It is so nice to have a place close by for the kids to witness the seasonal changes of plants. What a unique way to interact with the outdoors!

Photo by Mars Hill Farm

The Refugee Gardens

Mars Hill has inspiring goals beyond agricultural literacy. The founding vision of Mars Hill Farm was to provide a place for refugees to farm free of charge. The Refugee Gardens are not only an opportunity for refugees to grow their own food, but also use the plots of land to harvest produce to sell. Mars Hill believes through the support of the community, there is opportunity for the program to continue and expand. If you are interested in helping these farmers and supporting the program, you can get more details through Mars Hill and take the next step toward purchasing produce or donating supplies. One of the best ways to support the Gardens is to engage with the various programs and products Mars Hill has to offer. These goods and services all provide support for the ultimate vision of providing refugees opportunity in sustainable farming.

Like Honey to the Bee

If you’ve ever been curious about the life of bees, Mars Hill Farm is the place to be. In addition to their investment in our human communities, the farm is also committed to preserving the life of bees. Their services extend far beyond Mars Road. Should you find a bee hive on your property that is causing you trouble, consider calling Mars Hill to assist. Rather than destroying the colony, they will remove the bees and re-home them on the farm.

The passion for bees does not stop there. If you are brave enough, you can don a special bee suit and get your hands sticky learning the ins and out of beekeeping. These classes are not only an opportunity to get out of our comfort zone, but they also bring awareness to how essential bees are to our ecosystem and food production. I definitely just added this new experience to my bucket list. Now the question is, how do I convince Lolli to join me…

Classes on the Farm

For those interested in the beekeeping experience, it is not too late to dive in this fall. Sign up for November’s Beekeeping Basics class before the spots fill up! If immersing yourself in bee culture isn’t your thing, you can opt for something a little less adrenaline prone. Check out the November Floral Design Workshop. It is the perfect way to mix up your girls night if you are tired of wine and cheese. What am I saying? Grab wine and cheese after, with your beautiful new floral design in hand.

Give the Gift of Country

Every year I try to find unique gifts for my loved ones. Lolli always taught me that the sentiment of a gift far surpasses the value of its price tag. This year, I am turning to Mars Hill Farm for some truly thoughtful and one of a kind gifts. The farm has everything from a beekeeping kit to greeting cards by local artist Anna Curnes. However, the gift I am most excited to bestow is an experience. The Morning on the Farm gift card is the opportunity of a lifetime for my kids. Not only does the experience allow you to live a morning on an organic farm, but the recipient gets to tailor their experience to their interests. Whether your loved one wants to get their hands dirty in the garden or learn the ins and outs of egg collection, the morning will be their ultimate farming experience. I have a feeling my boys would immediately want to milk a cow – but be warned, kids, it’s harder than it looks!

Photo by Hunter Lacey

If your loved one is more of a homebody, there are still plenty of exclusive products available for the gift giving season. If you love the idea of meal kit and grocery delivery services, Mars Hill Farm’s Customizable Farm Box Subscription is a perfect present. This weekly or bi-weekly service delivers seasonal meat and produce, and supports local and sustainable farming. Due to the seasonal nature of Mars Hill’s organic farm, the contents will change over time, making for an exciting (and more natural) grocery experience.

And of course, you can never go wrong with some sweet, down-home, American honey. We stock up on Mars Hill Honey no matter the season. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself, even if its mid-April without a holiday in sight.

In need of festive hay bales or floral arrangements for the holidays? Mars Hill has your decor needs covered as well. I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard of an Okra Elf Ornament before, but now I desperately need one. Or ten…

Cottage Getaway

I have been on the lookout for a quaint staycation in the Dallas area. If you have been on a similar hunt, look no further. Mars Hill Farm’s Tiny Cottage House is your next getaway. This quaint cabin is situated on the farm and provides the perfect spot to unwind in the country without feeling lightyears away from home. If the kids ask where I’m going, I’ll just tell them “right down the road!” Mars Road, to be specific. Depending on the season, you can book your stay alongside classes or programs happening at the farm. Perhaps even schedule your Morning at the Farm along with your stay, and then you can rise with the sun (and the rooster).

Photo by Jenna Tenpenny


Mars Hill Farm also serves as a stunning event venue. If you want to celebrate your wedding, elopement, or anniversary among the flowers and beneath the grand Texas skies, this is the place to do it. My party planning wheels are already turning just thinking of the possibilities.

Photo by Mars Hill Farm


While Mars Hill Farm has many opportunities for family outings and exciting experiences, what I most admire about Mars Hill Farm is the sense of community they foster. Adults and children from all over gather to learn together, to create together, to play together. All their programs seek to support refugees in our communities who need our support in rebuilding a life in a new place. At the farm, we can come together to appreciate agriculture and commerce that is rooted in improving lives, whether they be human, or bee.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite rustic fashion and decor below- not to mention a few pieces featuring the mighty bee:

What is your favorite way to connect with the outdoors? How are you teaching your kids about agriculture? Be sure to follow @mars.hill.farm for ideas, and tag @lolliandme on Facebook and Instagram when you go on your agricultural adventures!

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