Swim Party Season

When celebrating an outdoor summer birthday party in Texas, it’s best to be in or near water! Lolli’s pool is one of our favorite spots for making a splash, so we gathered family and friends for a cookout and cake, complete with a big bounce house, lots of balloons, and fun finishing touches to celebrate a special birthday boy. Here’s how we set the scene:

Deck It Out

Balloons out front are a festive signal to your guests that they have found the right address for the party. Our favorite balloon décor company in town is Float Balloon Bar, which will customize colors and themes according to any occasion. We selected “beach ball” colors to welcome guests and guide them into the backyard for all the fun!

After tossing around a few mini beach balls, we set sail to Lolli’s signature lollipop rafts and a giant duck float for the kids to enjoy in the pool and to add to the ambiance. Lastly, we hung some paper beach balls in the trees, and VOILA, Y’ALL!™, the scene was set:

All Day Play

The birthday boy wanted to include all his school friends’ families and then some, so we wanted to offer plenty of activities options for a variety of ages and interests. For younger tots, we set out a water table with toy boats and rubber duckies. Party with Pookie brought her balloon art talent, and even eventually started twisting up pool floats, which were a big hit! We also rented a big bounce for a break from the water, so there was something for everybody!

Cookout and Cake

For a cookout occasion, we love having The Hamburger Man on-site to grill chicken, hot dogs and burgers, served with his signature sides. Our guests loved everything from the barbecue beans to chips and potato salad, and Lolli and I didn’t have to cook for 30! We served juice boxes and waters for the kids, then passed rosé for the moms as the afternoon turned to evening.

The star of the show for any birthday party, in our opinion, is a fabulous cake in theme with the event. We typically turn to Fancy Cakes by Lauren for her incredible, edible art, and this special event was no exception. The birthday boy requested his whole party in vanilla cake and white chocolate fondant, so that’s what he got! His friends were detailed splashing in the pool, and even the floats, bounce house, and part of the cookout menu made the display!

Last But Not Least

No party is complete without party favors! Every child left with a beach bucket full of treats for summer vacation. They were filled with baby beach balls, sunglasses, gold fish, squirt guns and games. We attached a tag from Etsy that said “Thank you for making a splash at my party!”

Perhaps you’re planning your own pool party or end-of-summer, back-to-school event. Here are some of the items highlighted above:

Hope you’re all having a great summer and making a splash! Please share your posts of #intentionalmemories with us on Instagram by tagging @lolliandme. Stay cool out there!

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