Boot Scootin’ Babies

As if we Texans needed another reason to wear our cowboy boots, the slight dip in temperature this time of year provides the perfect excuse to pull them out and put them on, with jeans, of course, or even with our dresses and skirts! As college football continues, the State Fair of Texas arrives and the Houston Rodeo up next, it’s safe to say fall is “boot season.” And it’s never too soon to introduce your littlest ones to this classic Western wardrobe staple WHERE THE GENERATIONS MEET™! My boys got their first pair of cowboy boots as infants, and our little Liza has had several pairs of boots picked out for her since before she was born (See her gender reveal here!). In case it’s time for your tots to two-step into a new pair of boots, we’ve picked out some options for your cowgirls and cowboys, from boot scootin’ babies to big kids!

Boots for Cowgirls

Nothing says “It’s a girl!” like a pair of pink cowgirl boots! We announced that we were expecting Liza with a pair of little pink cowgirl booties, and they’ve been a staple in her wardrobe ever since. There are all sorts of options with fringe, sparkle, and fancy suede stitching, but we prefer the classic cowgirl look. Here are some options for little cowgirls who love pink:

1: Pink Cowgirl Boots // 2: Light Pink Cowgirl Boots // 3: Infant Booties

A classic brown leather boot is a great place to start if your Lonestar little is just beginning her fashion foray into the wide world of boots. As you shop, take note of the boot’s toe style. Boots come in pointed, rounded, or square-toed and there are options with a standard heel or “roper” sole which is more flat. Pointed-toe boots with a classic heel tend to be dressier and look precious with dresses and jumpers, while square toed boots are usually worn to be weathered, and work well for children who spend a lot of time outdoors or in active play. Keep a pair at the ranch or lake, but don’t forget to have a pair in your city closet, too! These are all great options at good price points:

1: Girls Heritage Boots // 2: Embroidered Cowgirl Boots // 3: Round-Toe Cowgirl Boots

Brown boots are classic, but colored boots are a fun addition to the shoe shelf, too! I have a pair of red cowboy boots that I love to pull out around the holidays, and Lolli gave me my first pair of red ropers when I was about five years old that I still have! Get your mini-me a matching pair like these red ones below, or try white or black boots for a seasonal assortment!

1: Black Cowgirl Boots // 2: Red Cowgirl Boots // 3: White Cowgirl Boots

Shop more boots for girls and baby girl:

Boots for Cowboys

A classic cowboy boot is a wardrobe staple for any little guy on the go. My boys love their basic boots, since they can slip them on and off easily without help. The pairs we’ve picked below are made to be worn and weathered, so he can shoe up and play cowboy everyday without worrying about the boots breaking down!

1: Infant Booties // 2: Brown Western Boots // 3: SmartFit Square Toe Boots

Go beyond brown with a sleek and handsome pair of  black “ostrich” boots or these more colorful options:

1: Black “Ostrich” Boots // 2: “Denim” Blue Boots // 3: “Red-Dirt Road” Boots

As iconic American footwear, it’s only fitting that cowboy boots come patriotic varieties. You can find boots with “stars and stripes” in every size, from infant to big kid:

1: Lil Patriot Infant Booties // 2: Texas Flag Boots // 3: Patriotic Flag Boots

Shop more boots for boys and baby boy:

When did you get your first pair of cowboy boots? Let us know over on Instagram or Facebook!

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