Introducing Give As We Grow®!

The holiday season is the perfect time to teach children about giving! Inspired by how Lolli raised me (and how I’m trying to raise my kids, too!), Give as We Grow® is your family’s digital destination for philanthropic education, connections, and tracking. We have just launched the DEMO, and you are among the first invited to subscribe and create a FREE and private family profile and account on the brand new beta site!

Philanthropy comes in all shapes and sizes, from charitable giving, to volunteering, acts of kindness, and so much more. Through the Give As We Grow platform, families may access a variety of content including games, educational videos, and how-to guides to foster generosity in everyone from toddlers to teens. When you set up an account, you can create private profiles for each family member to record individual donations and volunteer hours. Over time, you’ll be able to see your child’s generosity journey unfold:

When my oldest son was three, they passed around a donation bucket at the children’s museum where he had attended a day camp. It was the first time I saw our child recognize need and want to respond, even if just with piggy bank change. I knew I wanted to remember that moment and others like it to come. What began as an idea for our own family has now grown into a platform for other like-minded families, too! We hope you enjoy the DEMO site, and stay tuned for even more features and an app coming soon.

Through our partnership with VOMO, you can also find ways to volunteer at any age and stage in your own community, once you create a family profile through Give As We Grow. Create your FREE account today and let the next phase of your family’s generosity journey begin!

Make Charitable Gifting Easier than Ever with Gifts that Give Back!

What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a gift that gives back? The Dallas Foundation’s Giving for Good Card program allows you to inspire charitable giving in those around you in a way that’s unique, meaningful, and fun. Giving gift cards are also a great tool to teach children how to donate and to foster that holiday spirit year ‘round!

To celebrate the DEMO going live, Give As We Grow gift cards can now be purchased through The Dallas Foundation and uploaded with the amount of your choice (in $25 increments). They work just like retail gift cards, only the value is redeemed as a donation to the recipient’s favorite charity(ies) around the world! Select from the three Give As We Grow designs below, perfect for ThanksGIVEing, stocking stuffers, or any other special occasion!

Give As We Grow Giving Card
Give As We Grow Thanksgiving Giving Card
Give As We Grow Happy Holidays Giving Card

The gift cards can be gifted to anyone this holiday season and redeemed on behalf of the nonprofit organization of their choice through The Dallas Foundation website. Or, you can give the cards directly to any nonprofit organization (by mail or in person) or drop them in a church collection basket. If your family gives or receives any giving cards, don’t forget to then track donations made via your family’s FREE Give As We Grow account!

Join us in inspiring the gift of giving this holiday season! Let us know if you try these giving cards or other gifts that give back by tagging @Lolliandme and @GiveAsWeGrow in your posts on Facebook and Instagram.

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