Games for a Weekend Getaway

One of our favorite parts about #LakeLife is getting to spend the weekend in a tech-free zone! Removing outside distractions and spending quality time together is one of the best ways to create #intentionalmemories with family. Following a long day outdoors or on the water, we head back to the house and bring out the board games. We always try to find family friendly games that all three generations of our family will enjoy.

Our favorite games to play with the kids are Uno, Guess Who, and Jenga. Scrabble is even great for children just learning letters and reading. Sometimes we ignore the rules and create our own games from these classics, so even a toddler can get involved! Puzzles at various levels are fun, too, especially on a rainy day. Once the kids are off to bed, we adults get more competitive, enjoying a game of Chicken Foot with our domino set or trying new card games. Lolli is a pro at Mahjong!

Check out all of our top picks for family friendly games to play on a weekend getaway:


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