Nordstrom’s beauty sets and exclusives are some of the hidden gems of the Anniversary Sale. These best-selling products are curated and priced just for the sale, so they’re perfect if you want to try a new product or brand without having to commit to a full bottle (or full price!). We’ve selected a few sets, and some singles, for nearly every step of your beauty routine, from prepping to primping and luxurious pampering. Treat yourself (or a friend!) to a mid-summer beauty boost:


Cleanse and prep your locks for a perfect hair day with this product trio, reverse aging with a sample set of skin potions, and spritz summer heat waves away with refreshing facial sprays:

1: Perfect Hair Day Set // 2: Neuropeptide Collection // 3: Facial Toners Set // 4: Evian Facial Mist Set


Protect your makeup from humidity with a professional primer set, and bring out your summer glow with shimmering highlights and peachy blushes from Bobbi Brown makeup! The Nordstrom-exclusive duo of fragrances by Tiffany & Co in an iconic gift box is a perfect present or addition to your own vanity and beauty routine:

1: Primer Set // 2: Glow Set // 3: Eyes and Cheeks Set // 4: Fragrance Set


Summer sandals and weather can leave feet rough and ragged. Have an in-home spa night and rejuvenate heels and hands with these skin-rejuvenating socks and gloves. Then as you snooze, special copper-oxide technology can prevent aging with this satin-soft pillow and eye mask! According to the reviews, these products really work to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and dehydration. I bought my pillow case at full price last year, so now I’m wishing I’d waited on the sale!

1: Socks // 2: Gloves // 3: Pillowcase // 4: Eye Mask

VOILA, Y’ALL™! We hope you treat yourself to a Nordstrom sale beauty buy! We’ll be posting about our favorite FAMILY FINDS from this sale tomorrow, so stay tuned for more! Don’t forget…You can always find selections of what we’re currently loving in our online SHOP, and follow us in the LIKEtoKNOW.IT app to instantly screenshot and shop our Instagram posts, too!

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