Our Two Scents

A woman’s perfume of choice is incredibly personal. Some find their signature scent early on and stick to it, while others like to change it up depending on the age and stage of their lives. But just like any great accessory, the hint of a chosen fragrance can complete any outfit, from everyday to special occasion.

Lolli’s go-to perfume is the classic Eau du Soir – she wears it every day! This fragrance combines a bouquet of rose, grapefruit, spice and amber into a beautiful, feminine scent. She also still keeps the timeless Chanel No. 5 on her vanity, just like her Grandma Ruby did, and also loves Eau des Merveilles by Hérmes for its pretty bottle and earthier aura.

MAMA ALWAYS SAID™ to not overdo your perfume. It shouldn’t be what you lead with, and just a hint of scent goes a long way. Lolli taught me to apply fragrance with a small dab on either side of the neck and at each wrist. I also remember her spritzing a blanket of mine as a little girl whenever she needed to leave us with a babysitter around bedtime so that I could feel she was near by the hint of her perfume. I recently started doing the same for my boys, and they say it feels like a snuggle from mama!

My everyday fragrance is Philosophy’s “Living Grace” scent, which a dear friend gave to me for my birthday a couple years ago. I love it because it reminds me to live with grace every time I put it on and whenever I catch a hint of its clean and floral scent throughout the day. I use the roll-on every morning on my wrists and neck as a ritual for starting the day fresh. Roll-on applicators help control how much fragrance you put on and are also great for those of us who travel a lot! Many fragrances come in soaps and lotions, too, and those also make lovely gifts in addition to personal care luxuries.

That’s our “two scents.” What is your signature fragrance? If you’re still looking for one, shop a sampling of our recommendations here:

Featured photo by Gritty Pretty
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