Holiday Hostess Gifts

Not only is it time to start thinking about tackling that ever-growing Christmas list, but one must never show up to a holiday party empty-handed! As November begins, invitations roll in, and the family social calendar gets busy quickly. Instead of taking time to shop for a host or hostess gift each time you’re invited (or on your way) to an event, get stocked up now, so you have options to grab, personalize, and go!

Pumpkins aren’t passé with Halloween. Everyone enjoys some pumpkin spice as fall rolls on with the changing leaves and straight on through Thanksgiving festivities. Show up to a football party or fall gathering with something pumpkin in hand for a warm welcome!


Thanksgiving is up next, and sometimes guests are asked to contribute a dish to the menu. Bring your pie in a pretty keepsake dish or your rolls in a serving bowl the hostess can enjoy time and time again! If the cook’s got the meal covered (as Lolli always does), then bring something festive that’s not edible, like a turkey-themed gift, or something for the children in advance of Christmas. Here are a few ideas:


Going from Thanksgiving straight into December festivities is a tight turnaround! If you’re preparing muffins or some sort of baked goods for your Thanksgiving feast, double the recipe, so you can place on a holiday tray for deliveries as the Christmas season begins! A bowl of shiny ornaments tied with cellophane and a ribbon is a great present with pizazz to show up with, too. You may have hosts to please from neighbors and kids’ friends to business colleagues, in-laws, and grandma, so here is a variety of options to guide your shopping:


No gift is complete without a custom gift tag and a pretty ribbon! MAMA ALWAYS SAID™ the gift is just as much about the presentation as it is about the present itself, so here are some sources for the finishing touches you’ll need on hand all holiday season long:


Don’t forget to build your hostess gift stash by going to stores and shopping online just after Thanksgiving and Christmas to find some great deals on pumpkin spice and other things nice for future holiday seasons! You’ll be glad you did when you don’t have to scramble in November next year. Candles are a great example of something you can keep on hand—they’re a gift that keeps on giving by scenting a home with holiday sentiment long after you leave, and they usually don’t have an expiration date (unlike your great-aunt’s casserole)!

For hostess gift ideas year-round, visit our SHOP for curated ideas at all price points for any occasion.

Happiest holidays, y’all!

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