China Pattern Pumpkins

By Taelor Fisher, Art Education Contributor

The feeling of fall is officially here in Texas, and while we have already decorated our porches with pumpkins and gourds, October marks the beginning of indoor holiday entertaining season. Whether for an adult-only Halloween bash or a family affair, setting the table sets the tone for any event.

Photo by Taelor Fisher Painting

As an artist, I draw constant inspiration from natural elements and various trends. I’ve noticed blue-and-white pumpkin patterns as a new spin on pumpkin décor in the last couple of years, which led me to experiment with other china patterns that inspire pretty pumpkin designs, too! These china-pattern pumpkins are for every girl who loves to set the table with her “good china” at every opportunity. Why not match your pumpkins to your own china pattern for a fresh, festive look that will “wow” your guests?

Photo by Taelor Fisher Painting

Here are some tips on creating DIY china-pattern pumpkins for your own fall tablescapes:


These supplies can be purchased from any craft store:

Pumpkins (craft or real) in preferred size assortment
White acrylic paint or spray paint
2-oz bottle(s) of acrylic or craft paint in colors of choice
Paintbrushes in different sizes
Stencils (as needed)


It is important to prime your pumpkin with white paint before you begin. This will prepare the surface for your painting. Make sure to let the paint dry for at least 5-10 minutes before you begin. You may apply white acrylic paint with a brush, or use white spray paint as your base.


After your base coat is dry, pencil your design onto the pumpkin with freehand, or use stencils for tracing to cover your piece in beautiful patterns. Drawing a line around the circumference of your pumpkin is a good way to start and replicate the edge of a plate, then you can apply your china pattern elements from there.


Now, fill in the lines! You don’t have to try to match the paint colors exactly to your china pattern, but draw from elements in the room, like table linens, flowers, and even the color of your upholstery, as part of the palette scheme.

Photo by Taelor Fisher Painting

If you aren’t confident in your DIY skills and would rather commission painted china-pattern pumpkins or other artwork, you may reach me at [email protected]or for custom orders.

Happy pumpkin painting!

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